Because Horror (with Johnny Ray Huston), DL Press + Semiotext(e)


THINGS: a queer lineage of graphic art and play [exhibition catalogue], ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archive


Check Your Vernacular, DL Press


#Empire (with Adam Baran), Franklin Street Works Press

Masquerades and Hysteria: The Art and Ephemera of Marco Vassi and the Daughters of Houdini, [exhibition catalogue], [2nd Floor Projects]


Fever Pitch, Free 4 Fags Press

Articles / Chapters


'Playback Queens with Broken Dreams' + 'Johnny Guitar,' Little Joe: A Book About Queers and Cinema, Mostly

'Going Green,' SLUTS, Dopamine Press / Semiotext(e) (US); Cipher Press (UK)

'The Militant Mother: Media, Memory, Healing,' Praksis (guest edited by Merve Ünsal)

'Living Proof,' X-TRA Online

'LA Fairs Itself, Artforum

'Bro Vapid, Artforum


'I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy,' Broadcast, Pioneer Works


'Oral Histories of Queer Resistance,' Cavernous, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

'Rip It Up and Start Again,' Broadcast, Pioneer Works


'Hands On: The Memory and Legacy of Fred Halsted [Blu-ray liner notes],' The Fred Halsted Collection, Altered Innocence

'Cinema's Missing Bodies (interview with Alanna Thain + Dayna McLeod),' Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media

'Four Years in The Back Row,' Mubi


'Witch Baby,' Spectral Transmissions (curated by Donal Mosher + Mike Palmieri), NW Film Center

'Meat Movie,' Screen Slate

'Poster Child,' Lambda Literary

'Love Letters in Blood: On Queer Communion: Ron Athey,’ Los Angeles Review of Books

'Luther Price: From Here to Eternity,’ Frieze


'Love at First Sight: The Brilliant Generosity of Kevin Killian,’ Lambda Literary

'Blood in the Lung: Ron Athey, Cassils and Fanaa Conjure a Ritual Body at the Arizona Desert’s Biosphere 2,’ Frieze


Naked Soap Operas: Brontez Purnell,’ Art in America


Michael Robinson,’ Little Joe

And I’ve Done it Again: A Look at Grace Jones New Book,’ Lambda Literary

Tom of Finland,’ Art in America

“Schooled,”Animal Shelter

A Look at Cult Art World Stars Cookie Mueller and George Kuchar,Lambda Literary

Beverly Hills John,’ Art in America


Paris Is Burning by Lucas Hilderbrand,’ Lambda Literary

Bruce Benderson: Against Marriage,’ Lambda Literary

Private Dancers: Social Media Platforms and Contemporary Drag Performance,’ Afterimage


Werner Schroeter’s Passion Plays,’ [Liner notes] in Der Bomberpilot & Nel Regno di Napoli [DVD] Munich, DE, Edition Filmmuseum 99

Sex Tools: New Queer Narratives as Community Action Cinema,’ Afterimage

Playback Queens with Broken Dreams,’ Little Joe


Chris Kraus: Summer of Hate (interview),’ Lambda Literary

Grace Jones / A One Man Show,’ Little Joe Reader

Kevin Killian: The Contingency Approach (interview),’ Lambda Literary

The Cinema of Whitney Houston,’ with Kevin Killian, FANZINE

RuPual’s Drag Race: Racially Insensitive?’ Huffington Post


Top 10 Moving-Image events of 2011,’ FANZINE

Forever Flaming: Jack Smith at MOMA,’ The L Magazine

Dennis Cooper: Florid Mysteries (interview),’ Lambda Literary

Halsted Playing Halsted,’ Art in America

Views from the Avant-Garde,’ The L Magazine

George Kuchar (1942-2011),’ indieWIRE

!Women Art Revolution! - Lynn Hershman Leeson,’ FANZINE

The Hollywood Stars of Avant-Garde Cinema,’ The L Magazine

Achingly Memorable: Magdalena Montezuma,’ Slant Magazine

Johnny Guitar,’ Little Joe

William E. Jones on Finished (Interview),’ Slant Magazine


Paul Thek At The Whitney,’ Butt Magazine

The Lost films of Charles Ludlam,’ X-TRA


Grace Jones does ‘La Vie En Rose,’ Kunsole Songbook and Other Stories, San Francisco Arts Commission


Eaten Out: Queer Cinematic Trends Towards Self Obliteration, Zine



Dirty Looks Volume 4, DL Press


Dirty Looks Volume 3, DL Press


Dirty Looks Volume 2, DL Press


Dirty Looks Volume 1, Co-edited with Clara López Menéndez, DL Press


Dirty Looks at MoMA: Mining the Collection, a reader, (Co-edited with David Everitt Howe + Karl McCool), DL Press